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Consulting services for road, airport and railway

The consulting engineering office of Technical and Soil Mechanics Laboratory, utilizes nondestructive equipment in order to conduct pavement quality evaluations in both project and network levels. The results obtained from these tests can be used in presenting rehabilitation plans and also determining the root causes of pavement distresses and pavement performance indices. All the gathered data is implemented in pavement maintenance management system of roads and airports. Thanks to the nationwide TSML branches, the consulting engineering office is capable of employing advanced and state-of-the-art laboratorial and field equipment across the country.


Network-level Technical Capabilities

A network-level study includes data collection and their analysis over an extensive series of roads such as a province road network, highway road network or airfields of one or several airports. A network-level analysis determines the general condition of pavement as well as the required budget for maintaining it in a desired state. The main network-level technical services provided by Consulting Engineering Office include:
    Preparation of road inventory
    Evaluation of road structural and performance characteristics
    Sectioning road pavements into structurally adequate and the structurally inadequate.
    Determination of road network maintenance strategy (preventative, rehabilitation and reconstruction)
    Road sectioning based on their structural and performance characteristics
    Determining road sections strategies suitable for applying pavement preservation activities such as fog seal, chip seal, slurry seal, microsurfacing…  
    Implementation of road and airport pavement management systems
    Pavement preservation activities

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